Why You Should Eat Salad Every Day

Salads are easy to make from home, and you can order them when out for dinner. Salads give your body many health benefits and eating them every day makes your body healthier and stronger. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the health benefits of salads.

Source of fiber

Raw vegetables and leafy greens are excellent sources of fiber. Eating fiber every is good for the body in the following ways; Reduces cholesterol controls blood sugar, helps in weight loss and weight management and normalizes bowel movements.

More Nutrients

raw food, saladFruits and vegetables are known for their richness in nutrients. The idea of taking fresh fruits and veggies is nothing new but to add more nutrients and vitamins to the body. Try to include a variety of as many fruits and vegetables in your salads as possible. If you have never tried it, a salad made with both fruits and vegetables is delicious. The vitamins and nutrients will help in boosting antioxidants in your blood for better immunity.

Weight Loss

Eating diets full of fiber makes you fuller hence you tend to eat less after that. If you are losing weight, this is the best step to take. You should not starve yourself but you should eat, and salads make a healthy meal. The more raw vegetables you can get the better your salad will be for weight loss.

Intake of Healthy Fats

Slicing a piece of avocado in your salad helps consume healthy fats. You can as well add a tablespoon of fats from sunflower, pumpkin, ground chia and sesame seeds. Try to experiment with different types of natural and healthy fats when dressing your salad.

Improves Muscle Performance

Fruits, veggies, saladNutrients in vegetables like spinach are good for strong bones and help in the improvement of mitochondria performance. Mitochondria are the little structures in the body cells which aid in energy production. When the body is supplied with more nutrients from green veggies like spinach, the mitochondria produce more energy and hence better performance.

Good for the Heart

The nutrients from fresh fruits and vegetables protect the heart muscles. High levels of folate have been found to prevent stroke and cardiovascular-related diseases.

Better Skin Tone

Veggies and fruits used to make salads contain high amounts of water which keeps the body hydrated. If your skin is always hydrated, your skin will glow and help in essential body functions.