Know the effects of drug abuse

For some people, using illegal drugs is their way out from stressful or traumatic life situations. There are also individuals who try such substances just for the sake of having fun; perhaps for a night or two while on vacation.

But the thing is, what if you get addicted to them? What if your body longs for them all the time and you can no longer control yourself? This is the time when you will realize why substances such as meth, heroin, cocaine, and even other strong pain medications are ‘illegal or are controlled.

Below, we are going to have a look at the negative effects of illegal drugs.

Health problems

hjjhfd8745Any drug, whether it be injected or taken orally, can directly affect the body. Now, when we are talking about illegal substances, they can cause a plethora of health problems; even death in worst cases.

First, prohibited drugs can weaken the immune system which means that the human body will become more susceptible to virus and bacteria that can lead to various ailments. These conditions may progress until such time that the different body organs start to deteriorate and eventually shut down. This will then lead to death.

Secondly, the intake of illegal drugs can cause intolerable abdominal pain. The user won’t be able to eat and would feel like vomiting. And like what was mentioned earlier, the different organs of the body such as the brain, heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys will be affected. They won’t be able to function properly.

Social effects

People who are addicted to drugs may not be very sociable because they fear that other people may judge them. For this reason, they tend to build their own world. Some of them prefer to be loners, which is mentally unhealthy because they are most likely to suffer from depression or anxiety.

Lose opportunities

Individuals who have a history of using prohibited drugs, or even those who only tried once or twice, may lose a lot of opportunities. For instance, employment. Nobody would want to hire somebody who has been using drugs. In fact, drug testing has become a requirement nowadays for employment. So, what if you have used marijuana over the weekend and you got a call from a company telling you that you need to undergo a drug test before they can consider you for the position? What would you do?


It can help you pass the test BUT keep in mind that illegal drugs are unhealthy so you should try your very best to stay away from them.