What You Need To Know About Natural Pimple Remedies

Research has shown that approximately 17 million individuals in the U.S have pimples and acne. Most of this people are between the ages of 12 and 24. Pimples can be a big blow to your self-esteem and confidence, and you need to get rid of them immediately.

Why natural pimple remedies are better than OTC drugs

Before drugs were invented, people were doing perfectly fine with natural remedies. Nature seems to have a cure for everything, and no single drug has been made without the help of nature. The problem with drugs made in a laboratory is that they can add some ingredients that may be extremely harmful to your face and bring unwanted side effects. Most people report that they have never had the effect promised by a pill or a gel.

There is a variety of natural pimple remedies, and there are many testimonials that show that they work.

Here are 5 proven cures that you can easily access.

What You Need To Know about Natural Pimple Remedies (2)

1. Tea Tree Oil

This cure has been used numerous times with little side effects. It has some antibacterial properties that help fight microscopic organisms that cause acne and skin issues. Individuals with extremely sensitive skin are advised not to use the oil.

2. Lemon Juice

The citrus extract in the juice works as a germicide to kills the bacteria and also offers an added advantage of getting rid of excess oil on your skin. Use a sterile cotton swab to apply the lemon juice on the influenced zone before you sleep

3. Papaya

Papaya is a common ingredient in skin care products. It is a cheap fruit and one of the perfect natural pimple remedies. Mash up the inside of the papaya to a paste and apply it directly to your skin. You can leave it for half an hour then rinse and moisturize.

4. Garlic

Garlic has antibacterial properties regardless if you eat it or apply it directly to your skin. Using it on your skin is a much more effective way of getting rid of pimples. Rub the juice of the garlic and the garlic clove on the problem area and leave it for half an hour.

5. Green Tea ExtractWhat You Need To Know about Natural Pimple Remedies (1)

Drinking green tea is very healthy for your health. Green tea is rich in antioxidant, and you can apply it to your skin to inhibit the activity of oil producing cells.
There are many other natural pimple remedies out there, and most of them work. One of the best things about these cures is that they are multipurpose and have other important uses that can benefit your body. If no natural remedy works, taking 10 to 12 glasses of water per day will also help.